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Company Intro.

Company Intro.

Fuzhou Lianhong Motor Parts Co., Ltd. is a company producing professional vehicle seats and headliners. We used to stick to the purpose of providing safe and comfortable service to our customers, pay attention to performance management, By following the strict quality specification, we manage to develop low cost and multi-functions products.

We especially attach importance to the improvement of management function and carry them out in the daily management flow formally and officially. On the premise of our attention to excellent persons with ability and the first class quality, we hold together all the employees’ abilities, show teamwork spirits and create first class enterprise advantages.

In order to pursuit world-class quality and meet our customers’ diverse requirements, besides making improvement on the level of the systems of the persons and management, we adopt the sophisticated equipment and technology, and are now forwarding towards the pluralistic market. 

Under the circumstance of constantly changing and severely competitive market environment, our efforts of commanding up-date information and consistently self-improvement to lay a solid foundation for enterprise’s continually development.  

Company Name

Fuzhou Lianhong Motor Parts Co.,  Ltd.

Established in







13.98 Million USD

Invested By

Uni Investment Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Namba Press Works Co.,Ltd






Qingkou Investment Zone of Minhou,  FuzhouFujian, P. R. China 



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